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Film and 

photo studio

The largest film and photo studio in Styria


With a total size of 196 m² and a room height of 7 m, the studio offers the perfect location for the realization of modern, creative film projects.


The studio is accessible by car and the motorized lowerable rig ensures that the lighting can be easily and optimally adjusted.


On request and for a surcharge, the walls and backdrops can be individually adapted, making them the ideal playground for green screen or VR recordings.



  • Total area: 196 m² 

  • Room height: 7 m

  • Cove: 72 m² (8,5 x 8,5 x 5,5 m)

  • Lowerable rig (rail and scissor system)

Always available:

  • High-speed internet

  • Coffee machine and small tea kitchen

  • meeting area

  • Director's lounge with preview monitor, overlooks the entire studio

  • extra make-up and changing room

  • free parking spaces

  • free use of our wood and metal workshop

AVbaby Rent Studio Greenwall flexible Rig
AVbaby Mediastudios Regielounge


studio rent*

Build-up day                                                  € 265,00

(8 hours between 08:00 and 18:00 o'clock)  

every additional hour                                    €   70,00

weekend surcharge (per day)                      € 100,00


Day of shoot                                € 440,00

(10 hours between 08:00 and 18:00 o'clock)

every additional hour                                    €   70,00

weekend surcharge (per day)                       € 100,00

surcharge for having a car in the studio     € 100,00

Half day of shooting                      € 260,00

(5 hours between 08:00 and 18:00 o'clock)

every additional hour                                     €   70,00

weekend surcharge (per day)                       € 100,00


* All prices excl. VAT and including final cleaning. Studio can only be booked

with a care package

Studio Set-up

We paint the studio in your colors!

  • Our studio is usually painted in white or green 

  • If you would like to have certain areas painted in certain colors, please let us know when booking.

  • painting the cove in advance depending on the color:  € 4,00-5,00 /m² 

  • If no coloring is necessary in advance, but there is heavy soiling of the floor during use, we charge € 2.00 / m².

AVbaby Mediastudios Visualisation
AVbaby Mediastudios Equipment Lights


light packages*

Basic package                                   € 160,00 (pre-installed, dimmable)

  • 4 x spacelights (3 KW)

  • 10 x asymmetric headlights (1 KW)



Premium package                             € 240,00  (pre-installed, dimmable)

  • 4 x spacelights (3 KW)

  • 10 x asymmetric headlights (1 KW)

  • 3 x step lenses on tripod (350W – 2 KW)

  • 2 x area lights on tripod (4x55W tubes)      

  • or 1 x 180° LED panel (150W RGB)

Prices studio support*

Basic support (max. 1 hrs.)                            € 50,00

  • handover of the studio

  • distribution of the equipment, short training

  • reachable by telephone during construction and filming

  • equipment return and state control


Premium support (max. 3 hrs.)                  € 150,00

  • basic support as mentioned above

    • help with setting up and dismantling 

  • technical advice and support


Complete support (max. 10 hrs.)                € 360,00

  • premium support as mentioned above

  • lighting activities

  • maintenance activities

AVbaby Mediastudios Actionshoot Stuntman
AVbaby Mediastudios Equipment for Rent


In addition to the film, photo and sound studios, we also offer high-end audio and video equipment for rent:

  • cameras and special optics

  • tripods and grips

  • camera cranes, spider and gimbals

  • recorders and microphones

  • headlights

  • batteries and accumulators

  • adapters and converters

Ready for your own video?

AVbaby Mediastudios

Puchstraße 41, 8020 Graz 


+43 650 4141400

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