If the people don't come to you

go to the people!

We at AVbaby create your digital show!

We create your virtual studio

The virtual studio is a simple and effective way to move presentations and performances of any kind into a virtual room. By fading in interactive elements, attention-grabbing effects can be achieved without much additional effort or material.

The productions in the virtual studio can either be recorded in real time and streamed in up to three channels, or we record everything and fine-tune the recordings in our post-production studio.

Come to us

... to the green screen studio!

  • We create a virtual backdrop for your performances or stage or studio or ... well, we are open to all creative ideas!  


  • The results are then either directly streamed or they go into post production for the editing and 

       adjustment of tone and color.


  • Max. 2-3 employees for the recording


  • Access to full studio equipment

Your advantages

  • High quality production method with a perfect picture and sound experience


  • Once the room has been set up, it can be used for further productions at any time


  • 3D replicas of real locations and virtual 3D simulations and motion graphics make watching and listening an experience


  • Inexpensive way of producing high quality and interactive video content

The process

briefly outlined

  • In a joint workshop we show you the diverse possi-bilities of our virtual studio and we discuss together:

    • who the videos are for, 

    • what background will be seen 

    • what interaction options are embedded (video calls, white boards, recordings, etc.),

    • and we discuss whether to stream the recording immediately or to fine-tune the video in our post-production studio.


  • We design your individual studio/theater/arena back-drop according to your wishes

  • Once the shooting schedule has been agreed, you visit us in the studio and the recording can begin!

Or we

come to you

... and record what you want to show!

  •  It is streamed live and / or recorded for professional post-production

  • Streaming for up to three platforms of your choice in high image resolution with good sound

  • The Streaming Studio software enables:

    • the display of various inserts

    • Live interactions with video calls and chat room

    • Digital content can be integrated into “real” settings

  • Equipment: Two to four cameras and streaming computers as well as sound and light equipment if required.

Bereit für dein eigenes Video?

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