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Weben mit dem Stift - Weave with a pen

(Austria 2020)

Good work has a common thread says the Austrian artist Constantin Luser. It lays the foundation for the next project, the next idea. Luser needs time and space for this process; Sara Arnsteiner provides an insight into that spiritual and creative process, which seems to have no restrictions, in which everything sounds and works.

Length: 39 min.

Director, Script, Cut, Camera: Sara Arnsteiner

Sound design: Gerd Jochum (AVbaby)



Loden trifft Indigo - Begegnungen der Mode im Niger (Niger, Österreich 2012)

Kleidung ist für das Wüstenvolk Tuareg wichtiger als Häuser.

Drei österreichische Mode-Designerinnen treffen auf vier KollegInnen aus dem afrikanischen Wüstenstaat Niger. Der Dokumentarfilm erzählt wie in Agadez in der Weltsprache der Mode kommuniziert wird. Die alte Sahara-Stadt und ihre Menschen, Kleider, Lebenswelt und Traditionen der Nomadenstämme haben ihre Spuren in den Kollektionen hinterlassen.

Länge: 30 min.

Director, Camera: Stefan Schmid (AVbaby)

Script: Fritz Aigner (AVbaby)



Around the Weikhard clock

(Austria 2014)

Documentation about the most popular meeting point in Graz. Ever since the watch dealer Weikhard set up a large watch in front of his shop on Graz's main square in 1930, this has been a popular meeting place for all people in Graz. The film team spent 24 hours at this very special place in Graz and talked to the waiting people about time, patience, stress and the waiting itself.

Length: 47 min.

Directors: Boris Miedl, Jürgen Miedl

Camera: Stefan Schmid (AVbaby)



Encounters between looms

(Sri Lanka, Austria 2014)

The Graz filmmakers Schmid and Aigner accompanied three Austrian fashion designers to Sri Lanka in their search for high-quality fabrics and inspiration. You are immersed in a world where traditional craftsmanship meets sustainable, young design. The harsh climate of the Alpine region and the jungle on the Indian subcontinent have something to do with each other.

Length: 33 min.

Directors, Script: Stefan Schmid, Fritz Aigner (AVbaby)

Camera: Stefan Schmid (AVbaby)





(Österreich Frühjahr 2020)

A cinema documentary about instrumental and vocal teachers and their diverse work in the area of ​​tension between pedagogy and being an artist, between elementary music education and the highest musical standards. A film about the power of music and freedom in artistic expression. A film that wants to encourage the audience to explore their own inner musicality.

Director: Fritz Aigner (AVbaby) 

Cut: André Kratzer (AVbaby) 

Camera: Stefan Schmid (AVbaby)

Sound: Gerd Jochum (AVbaby)

Colourgrading: Edgar Bültemeyer (AVbaby)



Oma schickt mich auf Reisen

(Romania, Austria 2020)

A search for past cultures. Since 1938 the traveling Roma have not been seen in the Innviertel, said the grandmother in an interview. Stefan Schmid searches to find the tent romance from grandma's stories. The film leads to Romania and is an immersion in a world that was long thought to have passed.

Director, Camera: Stefan Schmid (AVbaby) 

Sound: Stefan Bauer

Cut: Fritz Aigner (AVbaby) 

Graphics: Peter Brandstätter (AVbaby)

Colorgrading: Edgar Bültemeyer (AVbaby)



150 Jahre Alpenverein Graz - Die Sehnsucht nach dem Ursprünglichen (Austria 2020)

Alpinism is experiencing a real revival in Austria. The longing for the original, for real adventures has never been greater. Going mountaineering means discovering your own speed. Getting to know your own limits when climbing a summit. Few people know, however, that the Alpine Club has been satisfying this longing since 1862. An example of civic engagement that has created an impressive network of hiking trails, huts and lookout points over the years.

Director: Andrea Eidenhammer (AVbaby)         

Cut: André Kratzer (AVbaby)

Camera: Stefan Schmid (AVbaby)

Audio: Gerd Jochum (AVbaby)




Big Mama

(Italy, Austria 2020)

When Romeo is no longer available after a skiing accident, his mother Lucia from Naples decides to start her first trip abroad to Austria immediately. Romeo is saved by the young man Erich and wakes up in the room of an old mountain farm. The acquaintance with Erich Senior is not promising because the old nationalist is convinced that the "intruder" is a refugee of Islamic faith. When Lucia arrives at the farm, she immediately suspects that it may have been a kidnapping of her son.

Actors: Ciro Esposito (Gamorra, Don Matteo, The final Inquiry), Kristina Böhm (known from TV and theater), Gina Perna (Movie and theater)

Script: Otwin Biernat, Annalisa Ciaramella


Children's fairy tale film

Irenes Baum

(Austria 2020)

The 9-year-old Irene suffers from the custody dispute of her separated parents. When her mom moves to the country with her - an hour's drive from Papa - she also threatens to lose her best friends. Then Irene discovers a special gift - she can conjure up her thoughts. When her parents' argument escalates, Irene runs away from home. She would like to learn to use her magic powers consciously to bring her parents back together. She gets help from a colorful carnival troop, who sets up her tents in the village in summer.

Script: Fritz Aigner (AVbaby)


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